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      About us

         Company was founded in the’90s, is a set design, production, installation pharmaceutical machinery, dairy food machinery. chemical machinary, tluid-level health facilities in a high-tech enterprise. the product in accordance with the iso, din. idf, sms, 3a standards require manufacturers of industrial products are widely used in dairy products. beer. pharmacautical. biological, chemical, baverage, food and cosmetics industrias. enterprises through is09001-2000 intarnational quality management system certification. product line with the gmp, haccp. qs requirements
          ’scientific management. innovation. unity and self-improvament, the first class- yong’ is tha spirit of ’quality first, users first’ corporata purposes. Enterprise managamant in the implamantation of the ’four high" approach to the factory: hi-tech to open up tVae markat; a licensed high-quality products; strengthen efficiant management; high service to win the trust ot users. Work hard.Courage to climb, so catch up with unique products that the worid’s advanced level.
          everything for your needs. provide a full range of tactory solutions: from tha project consulting. program dasign, equipment manufacturing. pipeline installation. field bus. electrical control. hands-on training until tha complate turn-key projects; adequate and timely after-sales service.

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